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It’s been a year.


I’ve been putting a lot into other projects lately and I kind of miss doing this, coupled with the fact that my good friend Patrick started up a project  it kind of makes me want to get back to blogging a lil bit.

I’m going to ponder over the weekend and maybe I can come up with something a bit entertaining to do around these here parts.



Sorry, I’ve been a  bit busy with work and some other projects. I PROMISE to be back next week, fear not I am building up a backlog of posts so I don’t run into this again.

Day 12 of Nostalgia: Slap Bracelets

My apologies I couldn’t find a commercial for these, all I can remember was Summer, East Coast, Things flying around and snapping, Potential Eye loss.


Day 11 of Nostalgia: McRobots aka Changeables aka WTF


I mean seriously, what was the deal with these? (imagine Seinfeld saying that) They were basically the castoff inbred food cousin of the Transformers. That being said; they were the bees knees, the cats pajamas, a BFD (if you will) at my school at the time. Mostly because there was a McDonald’s right down the road and I remember some of the older kids trying to sneak down to acquire these food changing monstrosity. Arguably one of the best toys based on the McDonald’s brand items but potential a nightmare for parts from keeping their young children from trying to eat these clever robots in fast food disguise.

Day 10 of Nostalgia: Ecto Cooler

This sugar fueled paranormal drink was so potent it had the ability to give Wilford Brimley diabetes™ all over again, despite the aliens best cocooning efforts.

I remember this sugary sweet nectar of the gods and it’s oddly green coloring, many was a happy day that this appeared in mine or a comrades’ lunchbox so that the lunchroom barter system could be enacted.

Day 9 of Nostalgia: The Car Phone (not a phone that is a car, simply just a phone… in a car)

You might ask me, “the what?!?!”

BEHOLD: (click on the picture)

I don’t really understand the use of Also sprach Zarathustra (Strauss) (2001: A Space Odyssey Theme) for use in pandering a car phone to the world but this was 80’s technology hotness at it’s finest. Eat your heart out Zach Morris, because that giant radiation admitting brick dissolved your brain.

My dad use to make the drive from Nashua, NH to the Boston, MA area every day for years, not impressed with 45 miles drive, eh? Well you really need to consider the rush hour traffic both days. You really do. So this thing was a great idea for him, more so annoying when he got the bright idea that while in his Honda Accord in the garage he could call into the house to see what the hold up was for getting to Christmas’ mass. Gotta love the Irish Catholics.

Day 8 of Nostalgia: Bigfoot THE MONSTER TRUCK

I remember that on Saturday mornings there was some important business, besides yard work. Cartoons and the block of awesome TV that was WWF Superstars and Monster Wars. What an insane block of programming for a young man to watch on Saturday, it always seemed that much more bearable to rake all those leaves. The real bummer here was that Bigfoot was NOT on the show, but arguably his greatest rival at the time, Grave Digger was present. Even in monster trucks the old saying rings true, a good hero needs a better villain. An All-American cryptid versus the Grim Reaper. It does not get better than that.

Day 7 of Nostalgia: Life Goes On

Let us address the elephant in the room; yes Corky had Down syndrome, but this is was not a negative impact to the show.

In fact this is/was a great insight into what are some real world issues for families and really after the first season things started to focus on life in general and ALL the problems a family can deal with. Seriously, Becca was a bit of socially awkward penguin (that’s all right she guest starred on SeaQuest DSV).  It was well done with the perfect amount of social commentary, comedy and drama.

Did that poor dog ever get fed?

Day 6 of Nostalgia: A Coin to Die For

FunWorld WAS a world of fun. I also felt like I was a knight of the round table with all my friends doling out tokens and arcade game justice like it was our jobs, because it was! Many a friends’ birthday or whatever event went down here and it was an amazing magical world. They even had a FLIPPING SLIDE that went through the awkward office building adding to that medieval beauty, also a carousel, a bowling alley AND go-carts.

I may have been a little bias towards them since they were a local business, had community connections and the fact a Chuck E Cheese™ token almost took my life as a child. No, seriously true story, only the quick thinking of my Dad and his understanding of how a helicopter worked saved my life. Nobody really knew or did the Heimlich maneuver at home back in the day. Instead, let me paint you a picture. My father doing some paperwork at his desk he hands me a coin to play with, me being the savant child that I was, attempts to eat the coin. I start to turn blue and my sister points it out to my dad, his solution grab my ankles and swing me around until the coin comes out. That did happen… eventually but I just keep spinning for a while even though my sister let him know the fiendish golden mouse idol had dislodged itself and rang the chime of defeat off the radiator. To this day I am terrified of helicopters.

Here is a picture of the bastard right here:

My Father, God rest his soul, carried around this token for pretty much the rest of my life and now it has come to me… and it has become precious to me…

Day 5 of Nostalgia: NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE

Where have all the good robots gone? (click the picture)

I mean SERIOUSLY, give me a cool robot movie (side note: Robopocalypse has the chance to be pretty awesome, the book was decent) even if it IS 80s style. Johnny 5 was a straight-up stone-cold badass with a heart of gold… or some other metal.

Considering he looks like a close cousin to R.O.B. this robot had a lot to overcome. He manages to do that in spades with a mohawk and a grappling hook.  Hell, he even teams up with The Plague from Hackers (Fisher Stevens) who hung out with Penn Jillette and was a skateboarding fiend. Since we are talking about the future did you know Tim Blaney (who voiced Johnny 5) went on to voice Frank the Pug in MIB and MIB II?

I recall the first Short Circuit being the better of the two; however, the sequel contains New York City robot shenanigans and Johnny 5 becoming a gold plated pimp, if you haven’t seen them they are worth a watch and if it has been a while it might be time to give them a view again.