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Day 5 of Nostalgia: NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE

October 4, 2012

Where have all the good robots gone? (click the picture)

I mean SERIOUSLY, give me a cool robot movie (side note: Robopocalypse has the chance to be pretty awesome, the book was decent) even if it IS 80s style. Johnny 5 was a straight-up stone-cold badass with a heart of gold… or some other metal.

Considering he looks like a close cousin to R.O.B. this robot had a lot to overcome. He manages to do that in spades with a mohawk and a grappling hook.  Hell, he even teams up with The Plague from Hackers (Fisher Stevens) who hung out with Penn Jillette and was a skateboarding fiend. Since we are talking about the future did you know Tim Blaney (who voiced Johnny 5) went on to voice Frank the Pug in MIB and MIB II?

I recall the first Short Circuit being the better of the two; however, the sequel contains New York City robot shenanigans and Johnny 5 becoming a gold plated pimp, if you haven’t seen them they are worth a watch and if it has been a while it might be time to give them a view again.

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