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Day 7 of Nostalgia: Life Goes On

Let us address the elephant in the room; yes Corky had Down syndrome, but this is was not a negative impact to the show.

In fact this is/was a great insight into what are some real world issues for families and really after the first season things started to focus on life in general and ALL the problems a family can deal with. Seriously, Becca was a bit of socially awkward penguin (that’s all right she guest starred on SeaQuest DSV).  It was well done with the perfect amount of social commentary, comedy and drama.

Did that poor dog ever get fed?


Day 6 of Nostalgia: A Coin to Die For

FunWorld WAS a world of fun. I also felt like I was a knight of the round table with all my friends doling out tokens and arcade game justice like it was our jobs, because it was! Many a friends’ birthday or whatever event went down here and it was an amazing magical world. They even had a FLIPPING SLIDE that went through the awkward office building adding to that medieval beauty, also a carousel, a bowling alley AND go-carts.

I may have been a little bias towards them since they were a local business, had community connections and the fact a Chuck E Cheese™ token almost took my life as a child. No, seriously true story, only the quick thinking of my Dad and his understanding of how a helicopter worked saved my life. Nobody really knew or did the Heimlich maneuver at home back in the day. Instead, let me paint you a picture. My father doing some paperwork at his desk he hands me a coin to play with, me being the savant child that I was, attempts to eat the coin. I start to turn blue and my sister points it out to my dad, his solution grab my ankles and swing me around until the coin comes out. That did happen… eventually but I just keep spinning for a while even though my sister let him know the fiendish golden mouse idol had dislodged itself and rang the chime of defeat off the radiator. To this day I am terrified of helicopters.

Here is a picture of the bastard right here:

My Father, God rest his soul, carried around this token for pretty much the rest of my life and now it has come to me… and it has become precious to me…

Day 5 of Nostalgia: NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE

Where have all the good robots gone? (click the picture)

I mean SERIOUSLY, give me a cool robot movie (side note: Robopocalypse has the chance to be pretty awesome, the book was decent) even if it IS 80s style. Johnny 5 was a straight-up stone-cold badass with a heart of gold… or some other metal.

Considering he looks like a close cousin to R.O.B. this robot had a lot to overcome. He manages to do that in spades with a mohawk and a grappling hook.  Hell, he even teams up with The Plague from Hackers (Fisher Stevens) who hung out with Penn Jillette and was a skateboarding fiend. Since we are talking about the future did you know Tim Blaney (who voiced Johnny 5) went on to voice Frank the Pug in MIB and MIB II?

I recall the first Short Circuit being the better of the two; however, the sequel contains New York City robot shenanigans and Johnny 5 becoming a gold plated pimp, if you haven’t seen them they are worth a watch and if it has been a while it might be time to give them a view again.

Day 4 of Nostalgia: Pizza Hut

We use to have a tradition at my house growing up, it wasn’t always pizza friday but when it was… it was Pizza Hut. Mostly, because that was the only pizza place in good old Hudson, New Hampshire at the time. You might say, “But wait, what about the Nashua House of Pizza?” and that would pretty much weird me out. To answer your hypothetical question I implanted into your brain, that was back across the bridge and in Nashua.

Back on target here, we ordered the mythical Bigfoot Pizza™

And you know what that meant, pizza for lunch on the following Saturday. Awwww yyeeeaaa.

Two more things also rattle around in my brain about this era of pizzanity™, BOOK IT! an awesome way to encourage reading and the reward was the artery clogging goodness of a personal pan pizza once you racked up enough gold stars on your button.

In all seriousness, this helped shape my habit of being able to comprehend and speed read like nobody’s business. A trait I still have to this day and actually need to put into practice this month.

And finally we get to this nightmare generating monstrosity.

And in it’s final form…

Pizza, rock music and the ninja turtles… what could go wrong? Well, I owned the cassette tape and that answer was A LOT.

Day 3 of Nostalgia: The Super Soaker

I remember one summer, when this was probably the most important thing to my young capitalist whore brain. It was the lemon lime colored water machine of death and I did anything and everything I could try to earn the coin to pick one up. Sometimes destiny has a funny way of working things out and I recall, I never made it to the next level, as depicted here, but what a great summer full of weird ass squirt guns and good times.

To catch my blog up from the past (whomp, whomp)

Here was my Day 1 of Nostalgia: Pogs. I can assure you they were NOT the word, but fleeting entertainment at best.

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