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Day 3 of Nostalgia: The Super Soaker

October 2, 2012

I remember one summer, when this was probably the most important thing to my young capitalist whore brain. It was the lemon lime colored water machine of death and I did anything and everything I could try to earn the coin to pick one up. Sometimes destiny has a funny way of working things out and I recall, I never made it to the next level, as depicted here, but what a great summer full of weird ass squirt guns and good times.

To catch my blog up from the past (whomp, whomp)

Here was my Day 1 of Nostalgia: Pogs. I can assure you they were NOT the word, but fleeting entertainment at best.

Day 2 of Nostalgia: The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I should probably just do a whole post on this at some point.

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