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Day 4 of Nostalgia: Pizza Hut

October 3, 2012

We use to have a tradition at my house growing up, it wasn’t always pizza friday but when it was… it was Pizza Hut. Mostly, because that was the only pizza place in good old Hudson, New Hampshire at the time. You might say, “But wait, what about the Nashua House of Pizza?” and that would pretty much weird me out. To answer your hypothetical question I implanted into your brain, that was back across the bridge and in Nashua.

Back on target here, we ordered the mythical Bigfoot Pizza™

And you know what that meant, pizza for lunch on the following Saturday. Awwww yyeeeaaa.

Two more things also rattle around in my brain about this era of pizzanity™, BOOK IT! an awesome way to encourage reading and the reward was the artery clogging goodness of a personal pan pizza once you racked up enough gold stars on your button.

In all seriousness, this helped shape my habit of being able to comprehend and speed read like nobody’s business. A trait I still have to this day and actually need to put into practice this month.

And finally we get to this nightmare generating monstrosity.

And in it’s final form…

Pizza, rock music and the ninja turtles… what could go wrong? Well, I owned the cassette tape and that answer was A LOT.

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  2. I wonder if people still use it at all, it was such a cool program.

  3. Marlowespade permalink

    Awwwwwww yeah, Book It! I was convinced (and still am) that did more for my education than grades 2-6.

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